Steven Lustig

This art is born out of a love for the human form and its natural motion

Throughout time, humans have studied virtually every aspect of themselves in great depth. These sculptures are founded in the very basis of the ancient tradition of human anatomy dating back to the Greeks who believed the human form was the most important subject for artistic endeavor.

The sculptures incorporate aspects of human motion that started with Kouros figures and developed during the Italian Renaissance. These modern versions of ancient art classics are further influenced by the works Italian Futurists Umberto Boccioni and Giacomo Balla.

 Each one of the sculptures comes directly from life drawing. Live models bring the art of human motion and internal energy into the process. It is in capturing the flow of beautiful human beings in drawings that the sculptures are born and come to life with artistic movement.

Steven Lustig has been drawing since the age of four. When he was eighteen he was given a copy of Grey’s Anatomy which changed the course of his life, drawing human anatomy for business and fine art. He has been sculpting stone for twelve years and has continued to draw throughout his lifetime, producing over 10,000 figurative art drawings.

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